Vacation in Italy

Vacation in Italy - Trip Plan

The last days of the previous week were long and difficult. Honestly, I’m tired… I was waiting for this vacation like no any other… And finally the time has come. I’m in vacation in Italy with my wife!

The trip plan is: arrival -> Bergamo -> Como lake and surroundings -> Milan -> departure.


The old central part of Bergamo is very beautiful and it’s pity that we had only 40 minutes to look around. It was wonderful to stroll along the narrow streets and look into one of the churches. After that I had some time to make a photo of the city with beautiful misty mountains on the background.

The Lake Como

We spent 4 days traveling around the lake Como and visited a lot of small towns we met on the way. I can say that the views on the mountains from almost any point around the lake Como are amazing! Just amazing! If you have never been there I definitely recommend this area to visit.

Also we found one place there that is really a paradise for photographer who like intimate and minimalistic nature scenes (like me). It is a big flat fields covered with grass and some herbs, lonely trees growing here and there, and all this beauty is surrounded with gorgeous looking mountains.  I made about 5 photos there and I hope I did not fail with camera settings because it was so beautiful there. I just want to have a hard paper copy of the scenes we’ve seen instead of memories that will gone after a year or two. If it is interesting to you the location is marked with exclamation mark on the map (on Google Maps).


Honestly, this city did not impress me… It looks like the main reason why people goes to Milan is for shopping. So, I will not say anything about this part of our trip. Only one thing I want to mention is the figure skating championship. We’ve been there! We’ve seen all the successes and fails of the competitors. It looks absolutely different than on TV. It was much more real than on TV. When you are on the tribune you see every movement of figure skaters, you hear how audience support them, you feel the overall atmosphere. By the way, the public support was very warm this year even (especially) when the skaters made mistakes.


I expected to bring a lot of photos from the trip, especially wanted to photograph the Italian Alps because I know they are gorgeous. But the weather did not work for me this time. Only one day out of seven held in Italy we were pleased with the sun. All the rest of the time it was cloudy, nasty, and even rainy sometimes. So ultimately I don’t have a lot… but anyway I have a few! and these few look very good to me! I will add them to the gallery when I get to the computer to share the beauty we’ve seen and some of the moments we’ve felt.

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