Picturesque Buildings of Argegno, Italy

Picturesque Building of Argegno, Italy, 2018.

Picturesque Buildings of Argegno – a cityscape with picturesque pastel yellow buildings of the old Italian municipality Argegno.

Argegno, Lombardy, Italy, 2018.

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A few days we travelled around the Lake Como were probably the best part of our trip. All these small towns and villages located here and there were so beautiful. Almost all the buildings in the Lake Como area designed in the pretty the same style. They are all in shades of yellow, with red roofs, and surrounded by mountains. It is my dream! Really, I hope some time I will leave in such a place.

With this image I tried to convey not only the appearance of a typical village street but also the general atmosphere and mood that is soaring in such small towns of northern Italy as Argegno during off-season time. I hope I did it.

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