Pavel Melnikov

Pavel MelnikovLandscape and travel photographer from Ukraine.

It all started in 2014 in Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic. We (me and my wife) were walking around the park amazed how beautiful the untouched nature can be. We was trying to catch this beauty on a smartphone to bring it home. But when we looked at photos and compared them with the amazing views the real nature gives us we decided that smartphone is not enough. ‘We definitely need a camera!” my wife said. After a month or so my wife had a gift on her birth day. Guess what? A Canon camera!!!

Since that time we made a lot of travel photos… But the real story has begun in the mid of 2017 when I started to learn photography, switched the Auto Mode off and begun to understand the difference between “taking a photo” and “making a photo”. Photography opened the whole new world to me. I realized that it is not only a tool to capture a view it is a some kind of art like painting. And I want to share this world with you using this blog.


I don’t want to stick myself to only one of the genres, but I can definitely say that all my photographs are about outdoors. More precisely, most of them are about nature. I like to be outside and I like to enjoy the beauty of nature especially the places with no people. Even more precisely, my photos are all about that moments or that feelings you have when you are outside the big crowded cities with only the naked nature around you and everything you want there is to stay, relax, and enjoy the beauty you see. So you might expect a lot of landscape photographs in my gallery. But not landscape photos in it’s traditional meaning. I don’t like the “grand vista” scenes. Probably most of them are already captured million times by thousands of other photographers who more skilled than me. I like more intimate nature landscapes sometimes even minimalistic scenes like a lonely tree interestingly highlighted by the warm yellow light of the sunset, or a small curly river flowing between the stones, or even some flower lonely growing in a place where nobody can find it.

But as I sad before I do not limit myself with only one genre. Most probably you will find other photographs in my gallery: cityscapes, architecture, travel photos, who knows what else I would like to photograph…


I’m 33 yrs old. I live with my beautiful wife Olga in Kiev, Ukraine. My primary job is software engineering. I lead a small team developing marketing products. I like to play guitar, make some simple electronic devices and many more…

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